Word Wipe

Let’s play Word Wipe Game, the newest free online puzzle game, and show off your language skills by matching letters to make valid words within the time limit. Remove complete lines and reach the indicated goal.

Word Wipe is one of the most addicting word search puzzle games played by millions of players around the world. In this game, players are challenged to make words out of letters scrambled on a grid board. Players need to make out as many words as possible from the available letters by simply connecting them vertically, horizontally, and even diagonally. However, you need to clear out as many words as possible before the time runs out.

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The game has received a ton of positive reviews from both players and critics alike for its exceptionally spell-binding and challenging gameplay. Word Wipe tests every bit of your vocabulary and problem-solving in a pretty fun way. The best part is; this game can be played by people of any age. This game provides just the right dose of mental exercise for your brain!

How to Play Word Wipe

Whether you are a professional puzzle solver or a total newbie, Word Wipe offers you just the right amount of challenge to keep you hooked for hours. And while it can be quite challenging, Word Wipe makes it super easy for beginners to learn the ropes of the game. Here is a quick how-to-play guide to help you get started with this game:

Choose the Right Mode

Word Wipe features a couple of different game modes that offer a totally different yet exciting gameplay experience. There’s a “Relax Mode” and a “Timed Mode”. As a total beginner, you can start off with Relax mode and get rid of the ticking time to learn the basics. And once you have learned the basics, you can move to the Timed mode.

Wiping the Words

Now in any of the game modes, your objective would be to connect letters by swiping over them to make long and meaningful words. The bigger and better the word, the more points you will be rewarded. Words in this game can be connected in any order; you can connect them vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. You start off with the start letter by clicking on it and swiping across other letters to connect them in a word. Once a word is made, it simply disappears with the letters from the grid and new letters appear to fill the void.

Remember the Rules

In each level, there’s a score bar that you need to fill by earning as many points from the words as possible. And if you are playing the Timed mode, you need to do so before the time runs out. The shortest possible word that you can make in this game is a 3 lettered-word. You need to connect as many letters as possible to make the longest word for more points. With each passing level, the difficulty level will bump up, making the game harder to beat.

Word Wipe Features

Word Wipe looks like a simple word puzzle game but it comes packed with some exciting features that keep the players hooked with immersive yet challenging gameplay. Here is a list of all the fun features that you get to enjoy with this game:

Easy to Start But Hard to Master

One of the things that players love about Word Wipe is the fact that it is super easy to learn as a beginner but as you progress further, the game quickly becomes challenging. This makes the game super fun to play both as a new and old puzzle game player.

Unique Gameplay

Unlike most crossword puzzle games, Word Wipe gives players the freedom to make words in any direction. The simple swipe controls also make for effortless gameplay. Players also get to use power-ups to help them get out of sticky situations.

Best Way to Improve Vocabulary

Word Wipe uses a diverse collection of words to help you improve your vocabulary and learn new words. It’s an easy way to learn new languages while having a ton of fun.

A Game For All

One of the things that make Word Wipe AARP so popular is the fact that everyone can play the game regardless of their age. So, whether you are 10 years old or a mother of two, you will have a great time playing this game.


Word Wipe Arkadium is a perfect grab-bag for people who want to have a quick brain exercise to sharpen up their minds and enhance their vocabulary in a fun and easy way. And once you start playing, it’s hard not to get addicted and spend hours of your time swiping up the best possible words. If you love online puzzle games, you should definitely give Word Wipe a try.