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From Bookmakers to Online Betting: Gambling’s Evolution

It took a long millennia for the gambling industry to develop and turn into what it is today. Its history is correlated with the development of games across the globe. So, by the time the first ground casino appeared, all the entertainment had its modern looks with established rules and requirements.

Now, you do not even have to meet other people or visit a casino to play the games and make bets. However, back in the day, it was all different. Keep reading to learn some exciting facts about the evolution of the gambling industry.

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Origins of Gambling: Asian Roots

Origins of Gambling: Asian Roots

There are many versions of how the gambling industry was developing in ancient times. Many experts note that every country made their contributions by developing games. One of the first theories of the gambling roots tells us that the first civilizations, like China and Egypt, were the beginners of gaming development.

The first type of games that were played in those days were dice and board games, such as Senet in Egypt and Liubo in China. Later, they were carried to other countries and became very popular. And it is not a pure myth because some archeological findings can confirm this information.

China and Roman Empire and Other Countries

China, along with a couple of other countries, was among the first to introduce gambling to its people through the game of ancient Domino and some card games. There are stories of how Poker games were created there. However, there are only rumors.

The Roman Empire was among the first ones to offer betting as a form of entertainment to their citizens. They made bets for Gladiator fights, chariot races, and some games with dice. Therefore, it can be said that those were ancient prototypes of modern horse and car races and multiple of their derivations, including the most exotic ones with ostriches.

Gambling in the 19th and Previous Centuries: Growth of the Industry

Gambling in the 19th and Previous Centuries

During this era, gambling houses started to appear in many countries and continents. By that time, many games became known mostly to the European public and entered the casinos where people could legally play them while enjoying the beautiful designs and decorations of establishments and pleasant surroundings.

First Land-Based Casinos

The first concept of creating a space dedicated to game playing emerged in the 17th century in Europe, right when the first land casinos opened. Groups of people who liked to play cards, the lotto, and other forms of entertainment decided to form small clubs, which later grew into huge gaming houses. These people were introduced to such entertainment as:

  • Roulette;
  • Baccarat;
  • Blackjack.

The growing popularity of such games made other casinos appear in such places as Macau, Singapore, and Monte Carlo in the 19th century. Players can visit the casino and play any of the offered games for real money. But let’s observe Europe and the USA separately to gain more interesting data.

  • Europe
    If we look back to the 17th century, we can track the history of land casinos right from the beginning. The first European club was opened in Venice, Italy in 1638. It was called the Ridotto, and it became the first open-to-public gambling house. But unfortunately, it was soon closed for unknown reasons. It developed even more interest in casinos from the public. People in the US continue seeking ways to play Poker and other games. Later on, with the appearance of the first clubs, they could do it legally.
    So, the next country where the casino appeared again was Monaco. In the 18th century, its first gaming establishment opened its doors to the crowd. It was the first casino whose decor, luxury, and trained staff were remembered for a long time and became something of a model for future ground casinos.
  • USA
    On the other side of the globe, gambling started developing in the 19th century. Probably, the Gold Rush was one of the factors that gave a boost to the first casinos and gambling rooms. Poker became the favorite game of those societies and was played everywhere without any restrictions. That led to the appearance of some anti-gambling organizations that emerged at the end of the 19th century.

Birth of the Casino Culture

Casinos have always attracted people with their allure of mysticism, magic, opportunities, and luxury. It always has something in the air that inspires punters to constantly wager, hoping to win a jackpot. It started forming with the first functioning gaming clubs. At first available to only rich classes, casinos were visited mainly by the wealthiest families who wore elegant clothes, had immaculate manners and fat purses, and were having fun trying to test their luck.

Even when casinos became more available to ordinary people, the elegance and luxury stayed. The entertainment industry also helped to gamble to be associated with something extravagant, dazzling, and rich. From the Jazz epoch to the James Bond era, many people perceived land casinos as something available to successful and rich society classes thanks to TV shows. Tons of musicals, comedies, and other genres picture casinos as miraculous places where you can have fun, become a lucky winner, and change your life in the blink of an eye.

Nowadays, it is fine to meet a person in shorts strolling across the casino. However, some of the clubs still abide by the etiquette and do not allow players without appropriate gowns. That is how you can still enjoy the luxury of the old times if you prefer to visit such a resort and feel the atmosphere of the old luxury.

Casino Games

Many casino games have a long history of evolution as they were created in ancient times and have lived till the present day in somewhat modified conditions. Some other games, like slots, emerged not long ago but passed rapid development. Therefore, this part of the article is devoted strictly to game development, as they are the reason casinos and gambling houses were born.

  • Cards
    Card games were invented in China in the 9th century. The first cards looked like thin sheets of paper with interesting drawings on them. Later, this game called Poker was spread to other countries.
  • Dice
    Dice was the first game type ever invented by ancient civilizations. It is called that way because scientists believe the first dice of the kind were made out of a real bone and used for a play.
  • Roulette
    It is an ancient game invented by pure accident. One of the famous scientists and inventors in the 17th century, Blaise Pascal, was trying to make an eternal engine. The model he constructed in the form of a wheel was later used for roulette. The first game was noticed in a Palais Royal in Paris in 1796. Of course, there are many theories of how it was created. But this story was considered a true one by many historians.
  • Slots
    The first slot machines appeared in 1891. They were invented by Sittman and Pitt in the USA. However, their looks were different, and the prizes were not money. The first machines offered you food and cigarettes for a couple of coins. A person inserted a coin and made the drums spin. If it was a win, a player got some ships, soda, and other interesting stuff.
    Later, in 1895, the first real slot machine was invented in San Francisco. Its name was Liberty Bell, and it featured an animal and farm theme with small horseshoe symbols appearing when you spin its three reels.

The Beginning of the 20th Century: Golden Age of Casinos

Golden Age of Casinos

In the 20th century, the gaming industry became more formed and organized. The controlling organizations and those who can provide help to people who suffer from gambling addiction progressed and provided more strict requirements to casinos and betting shops. More countries and their authorities started to establish gambling as a really beneficial industry that can be subjected to taxation.

The first online casinos in primitive forms appeared in the 90s with the rise of Internet technology that started spreading around the world. With the help of the global web, the casino games industry made a huge leap forward. Its rapid progress led to the emergence of many online gaming portals offering its users the ability to play games and place sports bets with real money.

Creating Casino Resorts

The gambling industry attracts many people. Thus, some countries where it is legalized, like the USA, decided to move them all in one place and build a resort around these casinos. People can travel and have a full experience in any ground casino, along with swimming in the pools, going to the spa, visiting amusement parks, going shopping, and simply relaxing.

Sure, the new digital era brings innovations where players have no need to spend much money on traveling. However, many people still prefer to visit a real ground casino to feel its vibes, enjoy the decor of a place, touch every slot machine, and see how a trained dealer serves the game.

21st Century: Digital Era

21st Century: Digital Era

Technology development goes further and never stops. Therefore, gambling is just the right industry that strives to offer more to its users, like more convenient platforms, more options, online payments, rich gaming libraries, and other attractive features, so their users have instant and seamless access to all the entertainment. The money keeps spinning, and this business is far from being stopped. Isn’t it the eternal engine Blaise Pascal was trying to invent?

Now, some people appreciate an opportunity to visit an actual casino, but after long years of communication with their smart devices, it becomes something usual and not impressive. But, the majority of users still find it very comfortable to play from your couch without going anywhere. By the way, if you are at a loss and want to place a bet on sporting events or play slots, visit https://1xbet-uganda.ug/. It is a wonderful resource that gathers all the top gambling portals in Uganda with excellent reputations, multiple betting and gambling opportunities, and familiar payment options.

Celebrities and Sponsorships

The new opportunities allowed many casinos to make partnerships with sporting brands, celebrity sportsmen, and other companies that can advertise casino and betting services, promote particular brands, and have beneficial relationships.

Collaborations with stars and other famous people establish a connection between pop culture and gambling. Today, ambassadors and influencers are capable of managing a group of fans, showing them how good the service is and what benefits it carries.

Final Words

Final Words

The roots of gambling are very ancient and were scattered around the world as different civilizations contributed to its development with many local games played by their people. So, it is difficult to tell one story here, and this question has a complicated set of stories, including the development of games, which in turn boosted the growth and urge of gambling houses to appear.

Later, as some governments saw gambling as a problem, they started to create legislation that could control and manage this industry. It stimulated more income to the treasury and provided particular protection to players because many fraudsters were also active throughout the whole gaming history. Nowadays, we have more innovative mechanisms to protect casinos and betting platforms in Uganda and their punters from many dangers, including the theft of their funds.

The evolution of the industry and gaming clubs is difficult not to notice. It integrates all the new technologies very fast, making their platforms more adaptable to them and proposing to their punters something innovative to try among the first ones.

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